30 May 2008

Joburg Promusica Theatre brings 'Madiba Magic’

Joburg Promusica Theatre in Roodepoort will be donating all their revenue from their opening night production of ‘Madiba Magic’, on 10 June 2008, to Child Welfare SA to help and support children in need.

Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA) is an umbrella body that represents 171 affiliates and branches as well as developing children’s organisations in communities throughout South Africa. Together with its members it forms the largest non-profit, non-governmental organisation in the country in the fields of child protection and child and family care and development.
The Mission of Child Welfare South Africa is to promote, protect and enhance the safety, well-being and healthy development of children.

The Ambassador of Child Welfare SA, local celebrity Nataniël will open the show with one of his hit singles.

Nataniël is very well known in the arts industry and has released 11 albums, staged more than 40 original theatre productions, published 10 books and established himself as producer, director, designer, playwright and public speaker before deciding to join the plight of the children of SA. One of Nataniël’s first projects as Ambassador of Child Welfare SA was the creation of GOD BLESS THE CHILD, a brand new CD in aid of the organisation.

Joburg Promusica Theatre are proud to be able to build a relationship with Child Welfare SA. As part of our community development, we aim to help children from less privileged backgrounds to be tutored in various musical instruments to enable them with an income generating skill.

We are proud to be celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday by honoring him with his favourite stories from his book ‘Madiba Magic’. The stage production of ‘Madiba Magic’ adapted by Hein van Zyl promises to be filled with lots of spunk, mystery and spectacle as well as an adventure through forests and rivers, meeting many different animals – and learning a few lessons and morals in the process. The fables originate from all over Africa.
Dawid Boverhoff will be producing a very unique and original musical score, just for this show. The show promises lots of audience interaction and will delight all ages.

The opening night is scheduled for 10 June 2008 at 19h30. Tickets are available from the Theatre and are priced at R120, all proceeds will be donated to Child Welfare.

The rest of the show runs from 2 till 28 June 2008. Tickets are R60 all ages. Bookings can be made at Computicket.

C'mon everyone lets support this worthy cause :)

For more information, please contact

the Joburg Promusica Theatre on

(011) 674 1357.

Rocco is back: One Rocco One Piano

After the glittering success of Liberocco : a Liberace tribute, popular pianist Rocco de Villiers is back with : One Rocco One Piano.

One Rocco One Piano is exactly that : One Rocco and One Piano...but so much more. The show brings back memories of 1975 when South Africa was introduced to television, a time of safari suits, gomma gomma lounge suits, orange sunfilter curtains and dramatic rugby commentary.

Remembering a time when Rocco grew up in the platteland in the Free State the show is a light hearted and nostalgic look at a time gone by. A time when he must have been the only one in South Africa not playing rugby.

Pieter Toerien's MonteCasino Theatre is offering the brand new show by Rocco De Villiers.

The music and his patter are inspired by incidents from his youth : either to write a piece or remembering Danny Boy from the sofa on the patio.
Expect tongue in cheek, beautiful music like Don't Cry for me Argentina, Embraceable You, Somewhere my Love, Blues and even rock on a solo piano, and many more.

But most of all expect one rocco one piano. Rocco is well spoken, well dressed, well rehearsed, well oiled and well energized.

28 May 2008

JHB - City of Lightning

Lightning is an atmospheric discharge of electricity. which typically occurs during thunderstorms. In atmospheric electrical discharge, a leader of a bolt of lightning can travel at speeds of 60,000 m/s, and can reach temperatures approaching 30,000 °C (54,000 °F), hot enough to fuse soil or sand into glass channels. There are over 16 million lighting storms every year.

For those of you staying in JHB - we all know that we don't have a shortage of lightning (in fact I find lightning very intriguing)

Lets just hope you never have to experience it going through your body ...

Berlin remembers persecuted gays

Germany has inaugurated a 600,000 euro concrete memorial to honour the thousands of homosexuals persecuted by the Nazis between 1933 and 1945.

The four-metre high monument, which has a window showing a film of two men kissing, was unveiled in Berlin.
The Nazis branded homosexuality an aberration threatening their perception of Germans as the master race, and 55,000 gay men were deemed criminals.
As many as 15,000 of those were killed in Nazi concentration camps.

Very few who survived ever received compensation from post-war German governments for the persecution they suffered.
The new memorial - which was inaugurated by Berlin's gay mayor, Klaus Wowereit, and Germany's Culture Minister,

Bernd Neumann - is situated close to that for the six
million victims of the Holocaust.
Mr Wowereit said it was typical of post-war Germany that the victims had not been honoured until now.

"This is symptomatic for a society... that did not abolish unjust verdicts, but partially continued to implement them; a society which did not acknowledge a group of people as victims, only because they chose another way of life," he said.

26 May 2008

Stupid vrae

So tydjie gelede het ek 'n stuk geskryf oor mense wat stupid vrae vra. Dit werk op my galblaas, en ek vererg myself sommer reguit in 'n sarkastiese spasm in. Nou die allerdaagse stupid vrae:

Vraag: Kan ek jou toilet gebruik?
Andwoord: Nee, gaan kak buite in die bos.

Vraag: Kan ek 'n glas water kry?
Andwoord: Nee, gaan drink water buite uit die hond se bak, reg langs die bos waar jy gekak het.

Vraag: Kan ek 'n sigaret steel?
Andwoord: WTF??? As jy vra is dit nie steel nie, en ek wil nou wragtig nie die ou wees wat jou hel toe stuur vir diefstal nie, so DE, vat tog maar een van myne. (Onderlangs- IRK)

Vraag (terwyl jy koud kry): Kry jy koud?
Andwoord: Nee, ek is eintlik 'n undercover spastiese dikderm.

Vraag (terwyl jy buite aan jou stokkie trek): Haai rook jy?
Andwoord: Nee ek rook nie - die sigaret is net vir effek!

Vraag (as die foon lui 2uur in die oggend): Is jy wakker/ of Het ek jou wakker gemaak? Andwoord: *&^%%$$^&&** en jou ma ook man!

Maar wag, die ultimate was ek mos nou onlangs gevra: My HUIS telefoon lui. Vriendin aan die anderkant vra vir my.. 'Is jy by die huis?'
Andwoord: Nee, jy't die verkeerde nommer gebel. Ek het ingebreek, verby geloop en die f*kken foon geantwoord!!

MENSE!!! DINK voor julle 'n kak vraag vra!!! Asseblief

20 May 2008

You should never feel dump ...

If you ever feel a little bit stupid, read this - you'll begin to think you're a genius

"If somebody has a bad heart, they can plug this jack in at night as they go to bed and it will mon itor their heart throughout the night. And the next morning, when they wake up dead, there'll be a record." --Mark S. Fowler, FCC Chairman

(On September 17, 1994, Alabama's Heather Whitestone was selected as Miss America 1995.) Question: If you could live forever, would you and why? Answer: "I would not live forever, because we should not live forever, because if we were supposed to live forever, then we would live forever, but we cannot live forever, which is why I would not live forever," --Miss Alabama in the 1994 Miss USA contest.

"Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean I'd love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff." --Mariah Carey

"We've got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?" --Lee Iacocca

"The word "genius" isn't applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein." --Joe Theisman, NFL football quarterback & sports analyst.

"Half this game is ninety percent mental." --Philadelphia Phillies manager, Danny Ozark

"I love California. I practically grew up in Phoenix." -- Dan Quayle

"Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life," -- Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for federal anti-smoking campaign

"It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it." --Al Gore, Vice President

19 May 2008

Oscar ‘The Blade Runner’ Pistorius

Double amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius will has been told that he is allowed to run at the Olympics. All he has to do is run the qualifying time.

It was Oscar's parents who decided to amputate Oscar's legs when was 11 months old. He was born with a congenital foot defect that left him with no calf bones [fibulae] nor ankles, and just two toes on each foot. A series of major operations may have allowed him to walk, albeit with a pronounced limp, but after consulting specialists around the world, Henke and Sheila decided amputation was best.
Well Oscar - you are making South Africans burst of pride - Well done and keep it up.

Not just talented but also very very cute !!

Idols: The two Davids battle it out

Who is it gonna be ...
David Cook ???

or David Archuleta

Well my money is on cutie pie Archuleta :) We will soon find out ...

15 May 2008

Eye Tennis

This is especially for Ryan - who loves the game of Tennis (and get very verbal while watching lol) - now you can start training those Tennis-eyes :)

You'd be my friend...no matter what !!!

14 May 2008

This is how I feel today

I am not in a bad mood ... just don't talk to me LOL :)

SKINZ: Mitch Hewer

SKINZ is in its 2nd season in the UK (which will make Dawson’s Creek and Gossip Girl look like The Waltons I read)

The 18-year-old hunk Mitch Hewer (who plays openly gay teen Maxxie Oliver) is definitely eye-candy. Mitch says he isn’t gay, but he has already appeared on the cover of Attitude.

I hope they decide to bring this series to our shores ... we will waiting !!

And here he is posing for COSMO - Eish !!