18 February 2008

Jurie Els vs Robbie Klay

Black strips covered an explosive article published yesterday that named a prominent Afrikaans singer as musician Robbie Klay's alleged sexual abuser. An interim interdict brought by singer Jurie Els on Wednesday night forced Media24 titles You and Huisgenoot to publish the censored version of an article in which Klay (21) tells of years of forced sexual abuse by one of South Africa's most popular Afrikaans singers. Klay says the abuse started when he was 10 and continued until he was 17.

"He is the reason I still feel uncomfortable around men. He stole my youth," he says.
Details of the abuse and two group photographs in which a man's face is blurred and his name blacked out are included in the three-page article. Weideman said options were either to publish the name of the applicant but then not disclose details of the article, or to publish the article with certain changes but retain details from the exclusive in-depth interview.

"Our choice was obvious - because we believe it's in the public interest to reveal details of the alleged sexual abuse Robbie suffered for years," she explained.

"American Idol" Top 24 pre-Season rankings

Here is our new American Idol top 24 - Let the games begin :) OMG I love this show !!

Fabulous Kylie

Since I can remember (doing the "Lecomotion" in the living room) Kylie has always envoked emotions that one can not explain. She is a free-spirit and lets you discover different boundaries. Thanks Kylie - we love you

Valentine's Day

Hope everybody enjoyed their Valentine's day !!