18 March 2008

The Rocky Horror Show

This I am definitely gonna see
And the lead is played by Clayton Herold who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in live performance from AFDA where he majored in acting for stage, screen and musicals. Most recent works include the ArtsCape production of Dalliances and the film Scorpion King – Rise of the Akkadian. The Rocky Horror Picture Show marks his Johannesburg debut. Although very straigtht ... he is cute and does a fantastic job with the play :)

Who can remember ...

I can still remember how exited we use to get when our favourite show Liewe Heksie came on ... Haaai-oe koning rose-pattat ek het 'n bietjie vergeet van daai een ....die goeie ou dae :)

We were seen as freaks of nature because we also use to watch the English "Pumpkin Patch" (I also think it is because none of the children we played with could speak English "very Deliciously" since I was "twice"


OMG !! I don't know if this is funny because of experience ...but I think its spankelisious LOL :)

I wanna see !!!!

Can't wait to see this :) Scary sjjjaait !! :)

Cyanide - Eish !

Therapy Party

Join the Therapy crew on a journey toward pure party pleasure, every Saturday night.
It’s been 5 long years so come and celebrate in our permanent new house of fun!
TWISTED THERAPY Russel LDQ - Rude Rory - Amanda - and guests…
THERAPY LITE Stuart Hillary - Groovy Q - Sista C - and guests…Only at Carfax!
Carfax, Pimm Str, Newtown, Joburg.Every Saturday - 9pm to 4am
Doors open 9 pm, and close at 3am sharp.
R40 before 10pm, thereafter R60.
Polysexual door policy applies.
Right of admission reserved!

15 March 2008


Zen-based ideas for establishing a calming routine

Morning coffee - If you're not a coffee person, tea or cocoa work great as well. Sit and enjoy the silence as you wake up and even better, watch the sun rise. It's the perfect way to greet the day.

Exercise - Go on an easy run. It relieves stress, and will give you time to think, and enjoy nature. Evening runs are great too, especially as the sun goes down. If you're not into running, walking, cycling, swimming, or really any exercise. Just take it easy.

Meditation or yoga - You don't need to do anything formal - simply focus on your breathing, as it goes in and out, is a good meditation.

Gratitude session - Take a couple of minutes to think about everything and everybody that you are grateful for in your life. This may sound corny, but it is an amazing ritual.

Goal mantra - Create a personal mantra to remind yourself of why you do everything you're doing this year and make sure to repeat this mantra at least once a day (if not several times!).

Bath time - Cherish a long hot bath. If you have the time to do this, it can be extremely relaxing.

After work unwinding - Long day at work? Stressed out? Take 30 minutes to unwind. Some great ideas for that include: A 20-30 minute nap, snuggling with your kids, deep breathing, stretching, self-massage, or really anything that relaxes you.

Journaling or writing - A morning writing ritual is a good thing, but you can do a writing ritual at any time that works for you. Or instead of writing, try journaling. It can be very productive and relaxing.

Conversation - Try this: every night for an hour, just sit and talk to your spouse. Share the highlights and lowlights of your day, talk about your goals, your finances, your relationship, movies, music, and books.

Reading time - Take time each day to spend with a good book. Or a trashy novel. It doesn't matter!