18 October 2007

Ugly Betty 101

America Ferrera who plays the character of Ugly Betty who is not so ugly in real life .... see what I mean - - -


The main character of this program, Betty Suarez, she has always wanted to be successful in the publishing business and has worked hard for her opportunity to break into the industry.

However, despite the fact that she is very smart, productive and hard-working she has had big problems and bad luck since she isn’t the best looking young woman in the industry.
As the story progresses one can see how she, Betty Suarez (played by America Ferrera), is determined to do whatever it is necessary to achieve her dream.

“Ugly Betty” is based on the popular Colombian telenovela; it has been already translated in Mexico, Russia, Germany, India and the United States, to say some of the countries where this program is broadcasted outside the United States. It is very popular in all these countries.

The original Ugly Betty from Colombia

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