16 November 2007


Her CD In Action

Unlike her peers, Asa’s emergence as a serious artiste is deeply embedded in mystery. And her name, which means hawk in Yoruba, is no less enthralling. She has managed, in a very short time, to capture the attention of music lovers, especially the upper class, with her sonorous voice, laced with solemn instrumentation and good stage presence.But she feels that her music is still evolving, just like her character and passion. “My music is a journey, but for now, it will be safe to call it Soul.
"I will add other things to everything that I already know and have,” she said.However, she acknowledges that her music is a fusion of hip-hop, folk, jazz and many other influences. In a way, understanding Asa requires a glimpse into her childhood. As a child, Asa was restless and swift like the hawk. One day, she strayed away from home, causing emotional trauma to her parents. After many hours of fruitless search in the neighbourhood, her parents and the search party gave up, thinking she may never be seen again.
Then suddenly, to the relief of everybody, the young girl appeared in the company of a woman who had found her loitering at a street corner many kilometres away from home. She was re-christened ‘Asa’ in the confusion and excitement that followed her re-appearance in the company of an old woman.Since then, Asa has lived her new name, doing extraordinary things like the hawk. But the journey to self-realisation was strewn with challenges.

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