18 October 2007

Support the Bokke

As most of you know I am not a sports fanatics - but WOW what a fantastic Rugby World Cup so far (and it is not just because we are winning LOL)

Remember to support the Bokke on Saturday against England - wear your green and gold

(and to make things easier ...they cute as hell :) )

Visit: www.sarugby.net if you would like more info

I am off to Cape Town

I am leaving for Cape Town today on my first business trip !!

Will be staying in Houw Hoek Inn Hotel situated in Grabouw

The Hotel: Most of the existing ground floor building dates from 1779.The upper storey was added in 1860 and since then the Inn has been progressively extended. The adjoining old farm buildings have been converted into wedding and conference venues retaining their original character.

Located on the site of a toll gate established in the Dutch East Indian days. The oldest hotel in South Africa, it is situated in the heart of the Kogelberg ( Biosphere) reserve, 90km from Cape Town and 75km from the Cape Town International Airport, where I can forget congested freeways and pollution in this beautiful and peaceful environment.

Mark Indelicato (Justin)

OMG - this boy is FAB de LUX ! He has us in stiches with his witty one liners :) We love you !!

Ugly Betty 101

America Ferrera who plays the character of Ugly Betty who is not so ugly in real life .... see what I mean - - -


The main character of this program, Betty Suarez, she has always wanted to be successful in the publishing business and has worked hard for her opportunity to break into the industry.

However, despite the fact that she is very smart, productive and hard-working she has had big problems and bad luck since she isn’t the best looking young woman in the industry.
As the story progresses one can see how she, Betty Suarez (played by America Ferrera), is determined to do whatever it is necessary to achieve her dream.

“Ugly Betty” is based on the popular Colombian telenovela; it has been already translated in Mexico, Russia, Germany, India and the United States, to say some of the countries where this program is broadcasted outside the United States. It is very popular in all these countries.

The original Ugly Betty from Colombia

My new infatuation … Christopher Gorham

You might know him from Ugly Betty fame ... Christopher you are hot boy :)

Without those classes (and of course the shirt) ... he is a dish !!

Die Moffai Groot "Trek"

06 October 2007

05 October 2007

Don't try on clothes left in the fitting room

This is sooo funny ! LOL :)


I think it was about time that we had good sponsors for Pride. For all the Sponsors this year "Thank You" - and you are all fabulous !! :)

Pre-Pride Preperations

Yip it is that time of the year again and we off to Pride tomorrow.
The schedule is as follow:
Rosebank (Johannesburg)
18th Annual Joburg Gay Pride Festival - Zoo Lake Sports Club 10:00 - 17:0010h00 – Flash Republic on stage at Zoo Lake Sports Complex11h00 – Minute of Silence & Parade kick-off13h00 to 17h00 – Party in the Park continues, (participants to please leave complex by 17h00) THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE for the Party in the Park

This brings us to the Pride check-list:
* Outfit - sorted ... almost
* Lip-Ice ... packed
* Hat .... packed
* Umbrella ... need to go and buy one (weather forecast predicts 60% rain)
* Friend .... yes :)
* Camera ... packed
* Waterbottle ... wie gaan water drink ??? LOL
* Emergency T-shirt (incase something spills or some dragg queens dora gets flung into the audience... packed
Will take lots of photos :) See you tomorrow :)

02 October 2007

I am no angel ...

....but believe in the notion that you live your life to the fullest, have a good heart ...and as
long as you made someone smile today ... you are as close to an angel as you will ever be

Maar is dit kuns ??

NATUURLIK !!! Wat is fout met julle LOL :)

Me as a Simpson Character

Me and Homer taking a drive ... So there you have it ... me in Springfield....Pieter Simpson :)