07 October 2008

RuPaul (or rather RudePaul) - Biggest disappointment of 2008

All the hype and all the talking about RuPaul coming to SA - and when it was all over, we wished that (s)he rather stayed at home.
Now there is a fine line between fashionably late (which all "stars" are allowed to be I suppose) and being disrespectful and rude. RuPaul (or RudePaul as we have now dubbed him/her) has crossed that line and sitting on firmly on the DISRESPECTFUL AND RUDE side after letting the crowd (including me) wait for more than an hour for her/his arrival. Then did a few songs and disappeared again. Pathetic !!
Now if you are late - your performance must be fantastic to make up for you being late. But the performance we saw was watered down, uninteresting and (yaaawn) sorry to say borring. We left the VIP section to go dance inside half-way through the show - and by the amount of people that came through the doors - believe me, we were not the only people who felt the same way.
RudePaul: We are Africans (and maybe you felt we don't deserve you being on time) - but you definitely don't have the SPUNK or the PaZAZZZ we thought you had to entertain us. Hope the people in the US put up with your constant lateness and disrespectful behaviour towards fans (now ex-fans !!)
Thanks Therapy for you guys saved the day - the party after RudePaul was fantastic.

Above: RudePaul last seen leaving OR Thambo International airport - Good riddens !!!

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Lenito said...

an angry fan! haha

question, who is RuPaul? 0_o