06 January 2009


So what does 2009 hold for us. I think most of us feel that "OMG it can't be worse than 2008" ...and you are propably right.

In numerology 2009 promises us all the chance to learn & grow as human beings (2+0+0+9= 11/2) - Numerology forecasts reduce numbers to a single digit, except when the master numbers 11 and 22 are involved (which it is).

This year does indeed reduce to a master number. But, that master number starts out as the number 29 so let's take a closer look at the number 29, itself, first. This number is indeed a 'testing number', meaning that everything in life is a test, really. The main thing that we all have open to us in a free world , is choice. This is a fundamental of a democratic society and we have the power to choose how we are gonna live our lives and what we will achieve. Every opportunity that arises is a chance for us to learn, love and forgive. So in terms that is what the number 29 has in store for us.

As a prediction, the number 11 in the position of 2009 means that mankind will be forced to learn and grow about the true meaning of what it is to be human and part of a universal collective of people. A coming together of all nations and peoples is forseen as we globally all unite and pull together for the good of all.

I am all for new beginnings and is open to change. My feeling is that one's mind-set is 99% of the solution for a path to a happier 'you'. We are our own worste enemies and 'box' ourselves - be open to what is possible and do not limit yourselve with a "I can't attitude" - rather embrace your environment and try to make a difference - and remember wherever there is hope ...there is success just waiting to be unleashed.

Good luck everyone - and have a fantastic 2009 !!

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