14 December 2009

Vote Earth !!!

On 16 December, when world leaders arrive in Copenhagen for the crucial endgame negotiations at the UN Climate Conference, a four-hour program will be underway for a special event bringing the Earth Hour and Hopenhagen campaigns together in the heart of the Danish capital.
At precisely 7pm (CET) the eyes of the world will turn to the representatives of the 192 countries attending the climate summit. Plunging their city into darkness for one hour, Earth Hour, the 1 million citizens of Copenhagen will send the world's leaders a clear message on behalf of the 6.7 billion citizens of the planet: the world is calling for decisive action on climate change; it's time for leaders to listen.
You only have to look around our Google map to see that people all over the world are Voting Earth. Join them now by casting your vote too, and help build our global mandate for real action on climate change in Copenhagen
Come on Africa - Lets vote !!! At the end of the day it is developing countries (mostly in Africa) that will be hit hardest by Climate Change !!
Just remember ....
There is no Planet B

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Boy Uninterrupted said...

Heh ... nice user name.

But agreed. No Planet B, we need to save the one we have.