06 January 2010

Planning on flying soon??...

It is old news that things will be more expensive during the 2010 World Cup. Accommodation, transportation, food etc etc. But just how much will companies increase their prices? The easiest way to find out is to phone around.

The average price that we normally pay for a air ticket from OR Thambo to Cape Town International is about R1,400.00 (Kulula and 1Time is normally cheaper and SAA is more expensive - so I used the average).

To my shock and horror I found that a return ticket from Jozi to Cape Town during the period of the World Cup (I used 19 - 21 June 2010) come to a whopping R4,489.00 (Kulula), R4,598.00 (1Time) and R7,240.00 (SAA). So there you have it - an price increase 320% for Kulula and 1Time and a astronomical 517% increase if you fly SAA. OMG !!! That is the good news!!! The bad news is that the prices are bound to increase even more as seats get scarcer.

So if you are planning to fly nationally in SA ...by your ticket now - or for the same price of a SAA ticket to Cape Town, you can buy a flight with 5 days accommodation to Mauritius... eish life is tough.


Juz said...

Ouch! That's pricey. I think I'll just stay in the mother city during that time.

Say, your blog is loading very slow nowadays - are you running a new app or something?

BoyInterupted said...

Hi Juz

I have had a look at the loading problem - it should be better now

PS: I think houseparties is the way to go over the 2010 period lol