09 February 2010

Book: Love Green Food

Now for those who know me ...I am not a big reader ...nor a health nut. So this "have-to-read" book may come as a surprise.

I always saw the whole 'organic' thing as just another thing to make you pay more for basic food. And then on top of that you have to cut our meat (which we all know most South Africans will never do).

Then I was watching "The Power Within" the one morning and listened to the author, Larissa Green (how appropriate I know), explaining what makes her book different. Then she said it: "This book includes meats etc as going organic is not cutting everything out ...but making it work for you". Well that I can work with.
Larissa said: "The personal and global circumstances I found myself in made me become more aware of the way food affected myself and the environmental problems we are facing on the planet. I realised I had to start making changes in my lifestyle, especially health related dietary changes and that I had to give more consideration to the environmental implications of where my food came from or where the waste associated with it was going."

I think we all want to live healthier, protect the earth and all that goes with it - but what are we willing to give up. Well done Larissa for getting a middle-path and making healthy eating exciting again.

Go and visit her website and get a copy of her book ... you won't be sorry

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