10 September 2010

The ‘Come Back’

WOW! What an amazing, nerve wrecking, rollercoaster-induced ride the past few months has been. The 2010 FWC came to SA and went of without any major incidents. All the long hours and preparations … all to show the world we have what it takes.

Seeing that my last post was such a long time ago, I was pondering what to write as a “come-back” story. In the mental state I am currently it might take another year – so that idea has been pushed under the carpet …and the TV cabinet were moved very gracefully on top of the carpet.

Alas I have gone through some mind-altering experiences, met some amazing and inspiring people, and will probably never be the same. So the only thing to do is to get back in the saddle and use what we have learned to improve day-on-day.

So sit back, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride…

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Isa-n-Food said...

Hehe! Went by so quickly... I miss it sometimes you know, all the rush and excitement, was very glad to be part of it though and you should be very proud Pieter for all your hard work and achievements, I'm a witness to your INMENSE contribution towards the successful completion of the event!