02 May 2011

New kid on the blog: Isa's Food Addiction

Have you ever sat at home frustrated and needed some guidance on the newest places to see, and be seen…. But after countless “google”-searches (only giving you all the same-old spammie type establishments) you still no closer on making a decision. Well you are in luck!! Isa’s Food Addiction is a new way of helping you making the right choices in food, total dining experience ....and she even shares some of her own secret recipes.

Not only is she a fabulous writer…but also an all round nice girl (with drop-dead-gorgeous looks) and even lovelier personality. So when you in doubt …Isa’s Food Addiction is the way to go.

And to all those second grade restaurants … I hope you are attending to your food and service issues before she gets there (this is a friendly warning).

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Isa-n-Food said...

Wow Pieter! Thanks a lot for the compliments! I hope everyone enjoys my sincere words and find some useful advise in my blog, where it's all about the love for food! Please do leave your comments and feel free to submit your reviews and recipes too! Love, iSa.