20 December 2007

Donatella Versace

Hate her or love her ... she is unmistakably made her mark in the fashion world.

Donatella Versace (born May 2, 1955 – which makes her 52 yrs) is an affluent Italian fashion designer, like her famous brother, Gianni Versace, the founder of the Versace clothing empire. Her current title is Vice-President of the Versace Group and Chief Designer of the fashion line. She holds a great amount of Versace stock, totaling 20% of the entire stock market assets of Versace. Her brother, Santo Versace, owns 30%. Donatella's daughter Allegra Versace got 50% of the company stocks after Gianni Versace died: the two were very close and he left his half to Allegra.

She is also known for looking very “plastic” … well look at the change over the years (notice how her nostrils changed from all the rhinoplasty). But we still love you Donatella

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