13 December 2007

Pride Plus

I was so gatvol of OUTsurance and their rediculously high prices (ripping the consumer of to pay for their "free Outbonus" - BSH*T ! )

I was refered to Pride Plus insurance - an insurance company for the Gay & Lesbian Community. I must admit - these people are great :)

Some info on them:
This policy has been designed specifically for the LGBT community and provides enhanced benefits at competitive premiums. We speak your language, we identify with your needs and that allows to give you the extra special service that you deserve.
Everyone needs insurance for their assets, especially in this country, and if we can create a coming together through a common product it can only go towards the upliftment of the LGBT community.
We offer cover on Buildings, Household Goods, All Risks, Personal Liability, Motor, Motor cycle, Trailer, Caravan, Personal Accident and Pleasure Craft.
Our policy proposal forms and documents cater for all same sex partnerships
We also have a facility to underwrite your business insurance

My broker is: Brendon
Give him a shout - you won't be sorry
+27 861 111 376

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