03 December 2008

I WANT ONE!!! ASUS U6V-B1-Bamboo 12.1-Inch Laptop

OOoohhh WOW - this is stunning - would love to have one (wink wink all friends and family members reading this LOL)

Product Description: ASUS U6V-B1 (bamboo) notebook is made of Eco-friendly material on LCD cover and palm rest part; Ultra Thin and light notebook with LED backlight; Centrino 2.
Full solution: performance: graphics power: NV9300 GS 256MB VRAM; connectivity and security: fingerprint reader, bluetooth, e-SATA, TPM; Entertainment: HDMI port, 0.3M pixel web cam. ASUS SmartLogon intelligently recognizes its rightful owner and grants access with positive facial scan. ASUS U6 notebook series is the fabulous jewel to light up any computing experience with extra sparkle that will sure to captivate all eyes.

The 12.1-inch wide U6 is the luxurious digital fashion for on the go metropolitan. The beauty of the U6 is complimented with its simple and clean lines. The contour gives the notebook as structured appearance with sturdiness. The leather bound palm rest adds yet another dimension to the U6 design with a softness that personalizes the tactile computing experience. The leather further extends down the front edge of the notebook furthering the comfort zone beyond limit. From afar, the U6V´ mocha sheen gives off a fashionesque effect that compliments any sophisticated metropolitan.

The high-shine cover, Voile, made by a 13-step process shines with underlying shimmering fibers gets its name from the equally delicate luminous fabric. The U6 screen adopts a special LED backlight panel that is half the width of and 1/3 lighter than the traditional LCD panel.

The bad news is ....Amazon is out of Stock LOL

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