23 July 2009

SUPPORT: Save Bryce Faulkner

Hi Everyone

This story is one that really touched me. Read and send on to your friends. I know we are far from the USA - but you never know.

The story is as follow:
"A 23 year old pre-med student from Arkansas in the US has gone missing after his family discovered that he was gay. It is now alleged that Bryce Faulkner’s conservative Christian family threatened to cut Bryce off from his family and finances if he did not go into “ex-gay therapy”.
Faulkner’s boyfriend, Travis, last received a tearful phone call from Bryce on June 15. Before his disappearance, Faulkner told his friends that he planned to be open about his relationship and move closer to Travis who lives in Wisconsin.

However, after finding Bryce’s password, his mother discovered emails which Bryce had written to Travis. According to a website set up by gay rights activist Reverend Brett Harris for Bryce, “in order to manipulate Bryce into accepting ‘treatment’ for his homosexuality, they [his family] took away everything and left him the choice of becoming homeless and destitute or going into therapy. As anyone can imagine, this wasn't much of a choice.” " [mambaonline]

We as South Africans have one of the most liberal Constitutions in the world, but it is our duty to help our fellow GLBT family around the world and also look after their well-being. Go and visit the following sites and their FB group and show your support.

Save Bryce

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