23 July 2009


As you all know we posted a pic of the now famous T-shirt that said "Joost did it" - we had a huge response with people asking where they could buy it - well good news boys and girls ....their website is up and running!! You all know that I am a HUGE supported of South African Entrepreneurs ...especially if they follow their dreams couples with creativity. The Toxic Torse Team has got both - click on the Title-Link to go directly to their website.

To entice you, here is a small excerpt from their website:
“Toxic Torso was established in 2009 by two very optimistic individuals. When we say “optimistic individuals” we really mean money hungry and mentally ill human beings. They should not be allowed to roam the earth freely and need to be jailed for life!
But we digress... We here at Toxic Torso believe that everyone has a right to say what's on their minds...but why only say it when you can wear it too!

Our T-shirts are specially made for people who don't hide behind political correctness, don't conform to society's crazy expectations and, in essence, just don't give a fuck. We only use the best quality T-Shirts, the best printing method, and the best designs... no second grade shit for a Toxic Torso. Our T-Shirts are limited and of the highest quality so no mainstream bullshit here. Premium Prices for Premium T-Shirts... accept it or fuck off.

Your Toxic Torso will speak for you when you aren’t able to, whether you are passed out, punched out or just too fucking lazy to put words together and utter them.
So... if you want a T-shirt that is just as bad ass as you, and probably will out live you, then you have just discovered your soul mate... “

Well done guys !! Keep up the good work.

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