22 July 2008

Miley Cyrus

While I am on the topic of new artists - I am sure you all have heard Miss Miley Cyrus on a "radio near you". She is better known as the star of the Disney Channel series "Hannah Montana".

If a familiar bell is ringing somewhere ... let me inform you. She is the daugter of ..yes you have guessed it - non other than the Billy Ray Cyrus (...my achy breaky heart - la la la la ...)

One of the things that made waves is that Miley Cyrus is trying to remain a virgin until she gets married (where have we heard this before ...Oooh yes... Miss Trailer (aka Britney). She says that she is going to stay a virgin until she gets married, and insists that she gets a thrill from staying pure.

Quite a contrast to the public image that she has, since posing topless for Vanity Fair in the picture below. She has a promise ring that she wears at all times and says that it’s a purity ring that symbolizes the purity promise that she has made to herself and her family.

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