22 July 2008

Sam Sparrow

I had a debate if Sam Sparrow is cute or not ... well we were undecided on the subject - But his song Black&Gold (that has been on our airwaves) is soooo fabulous, that I gave in and agreed - "Yes!!" He is cute :)

His single “Black and Gold” has spent more than thirteen weeks on the UK top 40. His debut album has been on the UK top 40 for longer than six weeks.

When asked by Mark (from RockSellout.com) to explain what his hit song "Black&Gold" is all about, in a interview this year June, this is what he said:

"It’s quite abstract really. It’s about searching. I was looking for God obviously. You know, I grew up with religion in my life. I had a certain amount of faith for some time then. I was going through this kind of dark period really lost and no destiny. I was trying to find that feeling again…look for the meaning to life and if God existed. “Black and Gold” is kind of a way of singing about the Universe. The Black sky and the Gold stars and it became a pop song!"

Click on the title link to read the full interview with Sam Sparrow

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