21 July 2008

Plumbum - "Cradle your Mankind"

In May this year I did a story on Plumbum (our own Homegrown swim-and-underwear). I got such a sweet email from Preston at Plumbum that I decided to post a follow up.

They launched a limited edition Hibiscus Swim Brief at the Mr Gay SA 2008 on 31 May 2008 in Pretoria - which has proven that there is a need for something this ‘bright’. Here are some eye-candy (and the boys are not bad either - lol) - if you want to see more boys in their super-hot Plumbum gear go visit: http://www.coolconnections.us/MrGaySouthAfrica.html

Two facts about Plumbum I never knew is:
1) They were the 4th Regional Finalist in the SAB (South African Breweries) Kickstart Entrepreneurial Programme

2) They are a member of the Cape Town Fashion Council

Well boys - Plumbum is definitely a product on my birthday and xmas list

Looking forward to some exiting new stuff from this dynamic company.

PS: Preston - it is easy to be generous with articles if you have a winner product (which you guys clearly have :) - thanks for your email really appreciate it :)

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