03 January 2008

Auntie Evita - We love you !

The most famous white woman in South Africa!
Born:Evita Bezuidenhout was born in Bethlehem in the Orange Free State on 28 September 1935 as Evangelie Poggenpoel. She became Killarney Film Actress in the mid 50's in films like "Boggel en die Akkedis", "Meisie van my drome" and "Duiwelsvallei". Married:She married Dr JJ de V Bezuidenhout (Oom Hasie) in 1958. Their children are De Kock, Izan and Billie-Jeanne.

Political Career:Associated with Parliamentary life as the wife of MP for Laagerfontein in the 60's and 70's, she became an intimate friend to HF Verwoerd, Tini Vorster and Eliza Botha.
Present at the momentous happenings such as: Macmillan's speech, Verwoerd's assassination, Vorster's rise to power and PW Botha's coup.
She became SA Ambassador to the Independent Black homeland Republic of Bapetikosweti in 1983. Evita assisted Pik Botha in the Total Diplomatic Onslaught on the world during the 80's.

Family:Evita is the grandmother to three black children from Billie-Jeanne who married Leroy Makoeloeli. Her son Izan is an active member of the AWB and her other son De Kock is a with the Gay Liberation movement. Her husband is writing his memoirs and her sister, Bambi Kellermann is shocking the nation with her frank cabarets and confessions.
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