03 January 2008

Brothers & Sisters: Jason McCallister (Eric Winter)

Eric Winter use to be in Days of our lives. More recently, Winter has appeared in a recurring role of Jason McCallister, the brother of Senator Robert McCallister (Rob Lowe) and love interest of Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) on the ABC drama Brothers & Sisters.
How did they meet? Well it happened like this:
While Kitty was working on her boyfriend Senator Robert McCallister's Presidential campaign, Kitty met his brother, Jason. Kitty thought he was smart and witty and a good match for Kevin, and set them up for a date. Due to Kevin's antipathy towards Senator McCallister (due to his party status and views on gay marriage), Kitty opted not to tell Kevin that Jason was Robert's brother. The two men had a good time on their date until Kevin began insulting Robert. Jason soon became offended and made up an excuse to leave early. When Kevin found out what Kitty had done, he was furious... "Die Kitty!!! Die!!" is one of the phrases I can remember Kevin screamed LOL :)

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