28 January 2008

Eskom and their f*cking load shedding ...

What can one say about Eskom ... nothing ... we all in the dark (PUN intended LOL)
Here is a joke that I thing all of you will appreciate:
Koos and Jan are sitting on death row, awaiting execution for a murder.
Jan says to the Warden: "Does this take long and is it painful?"
Warden says: "No, they just strap you in and flick the switch and its over.
Quick and easy, like microwaving a hotdog."
When it gets close to midnight Koos is called in and moments later Jan hears screaming & shouting. This carries on for quite a while. The cries upset poor Jan a great deal, to such an extent that he got up and began pacing his cell.
When the warden came in, Jan decided to ask him: "I thought you said it was quick and painless."

Warden wiped some sweat from his brow and replies: "As result of the load shedding we have to use candles..."
They also bringing out a new improved stove for the "darker" South Africa

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