03 January 2008

Queer Canadians and marraige

If Canada is any indication, same-sex marriage isn't destroying the sacred institution -- if anything, the guy-on-guy and girl-on-girl nuptials are helping to keep the whole crap game afloat. Canadian Press reports that, according to new census figures, the rate of same-sex marriage is growing at five times the rate of opposite-sex marriages. The number of same-sex marriages has leapt 33% since 2001, while hetero weddings jumped only 6% in that time period. The census also noted that same-sex couples make up just 0.6% of all couples in Canada.
"We're just part of the boring middle class now," says lawyer Michael Leshner, one of Canada's first legally-married gay men. "As my spouse Mike Starkel always says, we won. There's nothing they can do, we won."

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