07 May 2008

Fantastic Artist !! Aphex Twin

The name "Aphex Twin" is derived from Aphex Systems Limited, a brand of audio signal processing equipment. It is used with permission, as was recognized on the back sleeve of his Richard D. James and Drukqs albums. He has explained in interviews that the 'Twin' is in memory of his brother, also named Richard James, who died at birth.

ArtworkJames usually creates his own photography for his releases' artwork. Many of these photos show James' own face, grinning or slightly distorted in some way, as it can be seen in some of his videoclips ("Come to Daddy", for example). Towards the end of the second track on the "Windowlicker" single (commonly referred to as "Equation") a photo of James' face is revealed when run through spectral analysis.[28] The picture illustrates his famous toothy, evil grin (with a spiral also visible at the end of "Windowlicker"). In addition to this, the cover of "Two Remixes by AFX" is actually contained only on the CD, encoded in SSTV format.

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