08 May 2008

Plumbum - Our own homegrown mens swim-and-underwear range

Go and visit their website by clicking on the title - must say that there is some nice designs.

Some background:
How can men's underwear and swimwear be engineered is a question we get asked a lot.
Through our 27 months of research [still ongoing] and 43 prototypes later, we believe we have come up with the most innovative pouch to hit African shores. Similar in concept to Wonderbra, but without padding and clasps.

The mechanics of Plumbum underwear and swimwear is simple: the engineered pouch [in the process of being patented] supports, moulds and gently lifts the testicles and creates a fuller pouch, with no need to shift your gear stick throughout the entire day... Made in a lycra blend to ensure peak performance [the fabric that is], with a full back panel to keep your chassis intact.
We hope that with your first pair of Plumbum's, that you'll treasure it, appreciate the local labour and time that went into it and that it will be the first of many to come.
Hail your Mast and Cradle your Mankind

They are looking for a POSTER BOY!!!
So you think you pack a full lunch?
If you're a minimum height of 182cm tall, with a waist between 28" and 32", in general good health,between 18 and 34 years old, have a current/ recent head and shoulders photo, awa a nude/ semi-nude photo from the thighs upwards
Then we would like to hear from YOU!
As the chosen posterboy[s] we offer a fashion shoot with a professional photographer, ramp shows and on-the-spot remuneration.

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