30 May 2008

Rocco is back: One Rocco One Piano

After the glittering success of Liberocco : a Liberace tribute, popular pianist Rocco de Villiers is back with : One Rocco One Piano.

One Rocco One Piano is exactly that : One Rocco and One Piano...but so much more. The show brings back memories of 1975 when South Africa was introduced to television, a time of safari suits, gomma gomma lounge suits, orange sunfilter curtains and dramatic rugby commentary.

Remembering a time when Rocco grew up in the platteland in the Free State the show is a light hearted and nostalgic look at a time gone by. A time when he must have been the only one in South Africa not playing rugby.

Pieter Toerien's MonteCasino Theatre is offering the brand new show by Rocco De Villiers.

The music and his patter are inspired by incidents from his youth : either to write a piece or remembering Danny Boy from the sofa on the patio.
Expect tongue in cheek, beautiful music like Don't Cry for me Argentina, Embraceable You, Somewhere my Love, Blues and even rock on a solo piano, and many more.

But most of all expect one rocco one piano. Rocco is well spoken, well dressed, well rehearsed, well oiled and well energized.

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