06 November 2008

MEN.STYLE.COM: Forward Thinkers

Yohji Yamamoto
"Am I still going to be alive in 2009? I really hope so. I am a designer; I will go on designing until I die. This is my way of talking about 2009, 2010…"

John Galliano
"Fashion has an insatiable appetite for change, for the new and for the innovative. Anything goes, as long as it's exciting."

Giorgio Armani
"It is difficult for me to talk about what other designers will do, but in terms of look, I suspect we will see a return to more elegant, classic dressing. This will be because people will want to purchase clothes that have a longer life span and are therefore a better investment. I have always preferred this design aesthetic, so there will be no great change in my approach. Clothes and accessories should, to my way of thinking, be more about style than fashion, and have a sophisticated, timeless quality, rather than be slaves to transient trends."

Frida Giannini, creative director, Gucci
"Brands like Gucci have seasonal trends, and so it will be next year—keeping the iconic and contemporary element, but always staying truthful to the brand's core values and DNA: glamour, luxury, craftsmanship, and made in Italy."

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