18 November 2008

SA Queers Up In Arms Over Fake 'Gay Idols' Contest

South African Queer folk are up in arms over being led up the garden path by an alleged, con artist over several local queer events which turned out to be quite less than what was promised.
According to sources Tony Lorenz aka Antonio Manuel de Sousa aka Tony de Sousa is being sought for fraud.

Being sought for fraud however doesn't faze him one bit and he is proceeding with further bogus 'events' such as "SA Gay Idol" for which he doesn't even hold the local registration, nor trademark. (See Facebook.)

This after the so-called "Mr Gay SA International" fiasco - where the winner did not receive most of his prizes. The winner was also not entered and flown to the main Mr Gay International event as promised by Mr Lorenz on the South African Gay Radio Station show, Bravo Brava. Legal proceedings regarding this matter have also been initiated.
It actually transpired that someone else, Mr Andy Le Monier from Pretoria, owns the rights to the title "Mr Gay International SA" and is the actual approved affiliate of the international competition in South Africa.

We also have a confidential private investigators report on hand which states that Mr Tony Lorenz aka de Sousa -1. is being sued by several parties2. does not reside in SA but in the USA and slips in and out of the country3. is not allowed to have a bank account in SA - the last one he had was with ABSA in 2004, of which +- R15 000 was written of as bad debt4. purports to act under the name of a CC - Cool Connections CC - which is not a registered close corporation at all5. is being investigated by SARS

When pressured about the so-called recording contract on offer as a prize in his next alleged fraudulent even, SA Gay Idol, his local partner of the event, Marshall Naidu responded on the wall of the Facebook event:"We have not yet secured a recording contract with any company, we are still in working on that with a few companies...if you read carefully you would see that it says 'YOU COULD WIN' "

Thus, no recording contract exists. Thus bogus prizes on offer.

It would appear that Mr Lorenz aka de Sousa is using the South African queer community as a cash cow and duping people into believing in his bogus events and titles. How many got conned into buying tickets in advance for above mentioned event? How many entered the alleged bogus competition only to get their dreams shattered? If you've been a victim of Mr Lorenz aka Souza's fraudulent schemes you are welcome to contact Queerlife with the details. (follow the title-link from this website and their details is on the 'contact us' page)

In reaction to above story, we have received the following statement regarding above story from Mr Naidu, after it was published:
Dear Editor
Please note that I have withdrawn all support from this event and wish not to be associated with it.I am not Tony's partner nor his assistant in SA Gay Idol. I was asked by Tony to assist and being in the entertainment industry I saw this event as a platform to showcase the talent in our community.I was not aware of legal proceeding against him and have not been involved with his previous events. You may quote me.Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact me.
Best wishes,
Marshall Naidu
(this story courtesy of www.queerlife.co.za)

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