28 January 2008

Eskom and their f*cking load shedding ...

What can one say about Eskom ... nothing ... we all in the dark (PUN intended LOL)
Here is a joke that I thing all of you will appreciate:
Koos and Jan are sitting on death row, awaiting execution for a murder.
Jan says to the Warden: "Does this take long and is it painful?"
Warden says: "No, they just strap you in and flick the switch and its over.
Quick and easy, like microwaving a hotdog."
When it gets close to midnight Koos is called in and moments later Jan hears screaming & shouting. This carries on for quite a while. The cries upset poor Jan a great deal, to such an extent that he got up and began pacing his cell.
When the warden came in, Jan decided to ask him: "I thought you said it was quick and painless."

Warden wiped some sweat from his brow and replies: "As result of the load shedding we have to use candles..."
They also bringing out a new improved stove for the "darker" South Africa

11 January 2008

Cake Shop DRAMA !!

This was just to funny not to post it !!
Employee :"Hello 'dis is Siphos's bakery, how can I help you?"
Customer :"I would like to order a cake for a party this week, please."
Employee :"What you want written on d cake?"
Customer :"Best Wishes Suzanne" and underneath that "We will miss you"....
Employee :"OK is that all? Okay, come to collect in 3 days, mam."

THREE DAYS LATER................

10 January 2008

Nah! Nothing will happen ...

Aaai jaaai jaaai - I really think that some people should not be allowed to have children (LOL). Have you ever seen something so ludicrous ?

Greatest Gift...

The Greatest Gift you can give someone is your time.
Because when you are giving someone your time,
you are giving them a portion of your life that you will never get back

08 January 2008

Elton John: Concert VIP Afterparty

Qc in collaboration with Big Concerts have created this new era in the concert VIP Afterparty. You don't have to go to the concert to rub shoulders with the VIP's at this afterparty. This Qc event and will feature SA's best DJ's on two dancefloors and the boyz are back in town so don't miss the first BIG Qc party of the year.

Main Floor: PULSE
VVIP Floor: Kevin Grenfell (5FM Vinyl Frontier)
Paul Parker
Roger Goode (5FM)
Marius Martise
Stuart H
Groove Element (Qc Residents)

Elton John Concert VIP Afterparty R100
Doors open 10pm

07 January 2008

Orlando Bloom’s disappearing pubes

A very observant (or perhaps obsessed) Orlando Bloom fan noticed something odd when watching the director’s cut version of the film Troy. It seems that the filmmakers decided to erase Orland’s pubes in a nude scene in the film’s original release. When comparing the two versions it’s clear that producers covered up the hint of crotch hair with a digital sheet and a little airbrushing. Oddly, there wasn’t very much to see in the first place, but it’s fascinating to see how the minds of Hollywood execs work. Decide for yourself whether it was worth all the trouble...

03 January 2008

Bipolar: Know the facts

It is odd how many people are diagnosed with Bipolar lately. Something that I never heard of and suddenly every second person has it. So I though let me at least have some basic knowledge on this disease – so that I don’t look like a total dud when people talk about it.

Bipolar disorder is not a single disorder, but a category of mood disorders defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood, clinically referred to as mania. Individuals who experience manic episodes also commonly experience depressive episodes or symptoms, or mixed episodes which present with features of both mania and depression.

These episodes are normally separated by periods of normal mood, but in some patients, depression and mania may rapidly alternate, known as rapid cycling. The disorder has been subdivided into bipolar I, bipolar II and cyclothymia based on the type and severity of mood episodes experienced.

Onset of symptoms generally occurs in young adulthood. Diagnosis is based on the person's self-reported experiences, as well as observed behavior. Episodes of illness are associated with distress and disruption, and a relatively high risk of suicide. Studies suggest that genetics, early environment, neurobiology, and psychological and social processes are important contributory factors. Psychiatric research is focused on the role of neurobiology, but a clear organic cause has not been found. Bipolar disorder is usually treated with medications and/or therapy or counseling. The mainstay of medication are a number of drugs termed 'mood stabilizers', in particular lithium and sodium valproate.

The disorder is also found in a large number of people involved in the arts. It is an ongoing study as to why many creative geniuses had bipolar disorder

Brothers & Sisters: Jason McCallister (Eric Winter)

Eric Winter use to be in Days of our lives. More recently, Winter has appeared in a recurring role of Jason McCallister, the brother of Senator Robert McCallister (Rob Lowe) and love interest of Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) on the ABC drama Brothers & Sisters.
How did they meet? Well it happened like this:
While Kitty was working on her boyfriend Senator Robert McCallister's Presidential campaign, Kitty met his brother, Jason. Kitty thought he was smart and witty and a good match for Kevin, and set them up for a date. Due to Kevin's antipathy towards Senator McCallister (due to his party status and views on gay marriage), Kitty opted not to tell Kevin that Jason was Robert's brother. The two men had a good time on their date until Kevin began insulting Robert. Jason soon became offended and made up an excuse to leave early. When Kevin found out what Kitty had done, he was furious... "Die Kitty!!! Die!!" is one of the phrases I can remember Kevin screamed LOL :)

Some funnies

WARNING for nude swimmers

Royal yes to diversity at Davis Senior High

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the royalty of Davis Senior High School's junior class: Brandon Raphael and his prince, Kiernan Gatewood.

For what appears to be the first time in school history, the Davis Senior High student body has elected a gay couple into homecoming royalty. With each boasting a white sash declaring his title as "Prince," the two 16-year-olds rode through the city of Davis Friday afternoon in the school's annual homecoming parade. They stood in the back of a pickup truck, arm-in-arm, smiling warmly despite the rain.

"People were so excited for us," Gatewood said of the couple's victory, announced a few weeks ago. "We were a little surprised, but Davis ..."
"Is a liberal town," interrupts his boyfriend of four months, Raphael. "Go 10 miles in any other direction and you'll get some other feeling."
Indeed, the news might surprise few in Davis, a city embraced and, at times, mocked for its liberal leanings. But students and adults cheering on the boys recognized their election as a meaningful milestone. Lai-San Seto, advocacy coordinator for the San Francisco-based Gay-Straight Alliance Network, said the Davis Senior High homecoming election is not the first case of gay students bucking tradition. But it remains far from the norm, Seto said.

In the weeks since officials announced the homecoming court, there's been no public outcry -- not by campus leaders, not by students and not by the community. Students said they were encouraged that the election was not an issue for campus administrators. They said they were less surprised that a gay couple would win than they were that officials allowed it to happen.

Decked out in Davis Senior High's colors of blue and black, sophomore Charlotte ter Haar and two friends agreed that the election was significant because it came straight from the students -- Raphael and Gatewood won in a write-in ballot election. Couples could campaign for their class titles -- king and queen for seniors, prince and prince(ss?) for juniors, etc. -- but no names appeared on the ballot. Students wrote in their own candidates. "The students voted for who they wanted to win," ter Haar said.

Parent Lorna Bernard said she was taken aback by the news -- only because in her day, a gay couple stood to be harassed by their peers, not elected. But Raphael and Gatewood, she said, are "not just accepted, they're popular -- popular enough to be elected as homecoming princes."
And that, she said, is "really cool."
As for the boys, they said they campaigned hard in anticipation of the election. But their goal, they said, was not to make a political statement. "We wanted to be nominated and win," Raphael said. Added Gatewood: "Just like anybody else."

Queer Canadians and marraige

If Canada is any indication, same-sex marriage isn't destroying the sacred institution -- if anything, the guy-on-guy and girl-on-girl nuptials are helping to keep the whole crap game afloat. Canadian Press reports that, according to new census figures, the rate of same-sex marriage is growing at five times the rate of opposite-sex marriages. The number of same-sex marriages has leapt 33% since 2001, while hetero weddings jumped only 6% in that time period. The census also noted that same-sex couples make up just 0.6% of all couples in Canada.
"We're just part of the boring middle class now," says lawyer Michael Leshner, one of Canada's first legally-married gay men. "As my spouse Mike Starkel always says, we won. There's nothing they can do, we won."

Oprah to host India's royal gay activist

Oprah recently had a no-girls-allowed episode, wherein she left the studio and allowed Dr. Oz and an all-male audience to discuss "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Testicles".
But she's got another can't-miss program coming up -- Oprah has invited Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil on to talk about being a gay activist in India, where homosexuality is illegal.

Reuters reports that Prince Manvendra, disowned by his family for discussing his sexual orientation with the media, has been fighting to overturn laws in his country where gay sex is punishable for up to 10 years in prison and where Bollywood cinema treats gay characters as degenerate clowns. The prince has hosted a successful festival for the last several years, featuring out gays and lesbians in the arts.

Bette Davis

Hollywood legend and queer icon Bette Davis will be honored with her own stamp in 2008, the year that marks the actress's 100th birthday. According to a press release from the U.S. Postal Service, the stamp will feature a painting by Michael Deas based on a photo of the two-time Oscar winner taken during the filming of All About Eve.
What, no cigarette?!!!

Laugh it off ...

We all know the T-shirts which takes SA company logos...twigg it a bit and whoo-la! A new creation all in the name of fun and satire. The company was taken to court (and won) their case with SAB with the slogan "Black Labour" (instead of the Black Label beer). Here are some more innovative masterpieces - go visit their website ...very interesting

Granny Lee ... the story

In 1989 an eighty-one-year-old white woman died in a car accident on a highway to Durban, South Africa. A not altogether uncommon occurrence - except for the fact that the victim was in reality neither white, a woman nor eighty-one.

When Leonard Malcolm Christian Du Plooy was born on the 18th of March 1919 to a mixed race ("coloured") family he embodied all the contradictions of a country ruled by racism and hypocrisy. The first part of his life was spent in his small hometown of Kimberley, the diamond capital of the world, teaching and becoming the dandy about town. Renowned for his dancing, piano playing and his curious habit of knitting Lee was accepted by the ladies of Kimberley but viewed with suspicion by the men.

But in his thirties he'd had enough of the small town mentality. He left for Durban where he taught once again briefly, but really began to throw himself into the city's gay seaside subculture. Soon the flamboyant Lenny was running a brothel. He was also suffering from a skin condition, which was slowly turning him white.

In his fifties, tired of the constant harassment by the Durban police he moved to Johannesburg. Here in the thriving gay clubland, during the height of the apartheid system, he was accepted as a white man, which allowed him to go where he wished.

The transformation into Granny Lee began when a liberated Lenny started wearing woman's clothing when going out. Soon the persona of Granny Lee became a full time occupation.
Abandoning any sense of restraint Granny Lee, now a pensioner, soon became the city's most famous club goer and drag queen. Her outrageous antics, sharp tongue, constant boozing and self-made outfits became a staple of the city's nightlife. Lee was now an Icon, claiming to be in her eighties, who drew the crowds to clubs, bars and parties.
He was living dangerously as a white woman in a country ruled by the racial and sexual repression of Calvinist Apartheid. When she died at the age of seventy she was still a notorious party animal. But Granny would still have the last laugh. At her wake the many mourners were shocked to hear the voice and laughter of Granny Lee insulting them all. She had recorded a farewell message to be played at her wake, resulting in confusion, elation and horror at the event. She became the first non-white person to be buried in Johannesburg's Westpark whites-only cemetery.

Even in death Granny Lee continued to break all the rules....

Auntie Evita - We love you !

The most famous white woman in South Africa!
Born:Evita Bezuidenhout was born in Bethlehem in the Orange Free State on 28 September 1935 as Evangelie Poggenpoel. She became Killarney Film Actress in the mid 50's in films like "Boggel en die Akkedis", "Meisie van my drome" and "Duiwelsvallei". Married:She married Dr JJ de V Bezuidenhout (Oom Hasie) in 1958. Their children are De Kock, Izan and Billie-Jeanne.

Political Career:Associated with Parliamentary life as the wife of MP for Laagerfontein in the 60's and 70's, she became an intimate friend to HF Verwoerd, Tini Vorster and Eliza Botha.
Present at the momentous happenings such as: Macmillan's speech, Verwoerd's assassination, Vorster's rise to power and PW Botha's coup.
She became SA Ambassador to the Independent Black homeland Republic of Bapetikosweti in 1983. Evita assisted Pik Botha in the Total Diplomatic Onslaught on the world during the 80's.

Family:Evita is the grandmother to three black children from Billie-Jeanne who married Leroy Makoeloeli. Her son Izan is an active member of the AWB and her other son De Kock is a with the Gay Liberation movement. Her husband is writing his memoirs and her sister, Bambi Kellermann is shocking the nation with her frank cabarets and confessions.
(see family tree below)

02 January 2008

Liza Minnelli Collapses, Falls Off Stage in Sweden

"Liza Minnelli collapsed on stage a few songs into a Christmas show in Sweden. According to some reports she then fell off the stage. It was a very frightening moment for the 61-year old singer. She has now flown back to new York and is "fine."

Liza Minnelli Collapses, Falls Off Stage in Sweden (Wenn)Minnelli was performing in Gothenburg on Wednesday night in a concert called "A Classic Christmas Night," said Zlatko Nedanovski, who works for the company organizing the show. He said Minnelli felt unwell and nauseous before the concert but decided to perform anyway.

"She performed four songs, which was about half her set," Nedanovski said. "She felt unwell, walked towards the stairs behind the stage, took her first step off the stage, became unconscious, and fell into the arms of someone walking with her."He said the audience saw Minnelli collapse. "She remained unconscious for about five seconds. She seemed very dizzy afterwards," he said. Minnelli's manager rushed her back to her hotel room, said Minnelli spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg.

"A doctor upon examining her and in consultation with her NY physician determined that it would be necessary for the Oscar-winning actress and singer to immediately return to New York City to receive further medical examination," Rosenberg said in a statement.

My new year at H2O

The morning after ....