11 September 2009

Julius ...Oh Julius ...


richard said...


One of our problems in this city is that too many of our inhabitants still see things in black and white. I see a solution though â?? maybe we need an annual, city-wide day of cross shagging, just like we have casual day.

For example:

â?¢ Jews and Muslims
â?¢ Xhosa and Zulu
â?¢ Boer and Anglo

Once the offspring have sprung, we wait 20 years, and then:

Mix the Jewslims with the Xhozulus, and the Boerglos with everyone else.

20 years later ... one race of Saffirs, living in harmony.

C'mon people, let's get busy!

Lenito said...

LOL @ richard!

Lenito said...

loved this!!