17 September 2009

Plumbum... in the news again

It is always nice to see innovation that work. If you have considered getting your hands on your own pair of Plumbum undies but never got to it ....maybe this article (very appropriately labelled "Wonderballs") will help you make that leap in trying not just a local brand ...but also one that actually delivers on what they promise. Well done Preston and the gang :)
This is an exerpt from the article - but click on the title link to read the full article:
"From the moment I tried on my first pair, the appeal of the once-trusted Calvin Kleins became kleiner and kleiner. For once I felt entirely comfortable with the knowledge that I had all my eggs snugly ensconced in one (double-layered, engineered) basket. Not once during the course of the day did I feel the need to 'shift my gearstick'; sitting cross-legged didn't involve the socially awkward let's-adjust-those-groaning-gonads-so-we-don't-squeeze-the-life-out-them movement; renegade testes appearing as though they were attempting a prison break from scrotatraz became nothing more than a distant memory. "

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Cool article dude !!