20 November 2009

2010 FWC: Plan ahead and avoid drama

Although the official World Cup is 11 June - 11 July 2010, the period between March and July 2010 will be an exceptionally busy period with the pre- and post- arrangements.

Volume of Travellers expected
The 2010 Soccer World Cup will be approximately 15 times bigger than the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The media contingent that will attend is estimated at 30 000. Business travel is disrupted purely due to the volume of supporters.

To date no airline has released any prices or strategies for the World Cup period.
On pre- and post- match-days flights into and out of the venue cities will be overbooked. Due to the sheer volume of travellers, huge delays can be expected.

Road Closures
It is indicated that there will be limited access and in some instances complete road closures in the areas surrounding the stadium and fan parks. This will make it difficult for travellers to move freely between offsite meetings.

Critical Date
The next critical date for the 2010 FWC is the 4th December 2009 when the Pool draw is completed. This draw will indicate where the teams will be based and where their supporters will be spending most of their time.

The match schedule will be updated after the draw on the 4th December 2009. Games will be played at: 13h30, 16h00 and 20h30. Travellers need to allow for traffic congestion both at the stadium and the Fan Parks. It is advisable to allow 2hrs lead time if travelling to / from these areas.

·Do not travel during these periods unless it is critical to travel.
·Try to make appointments at a location that is in the opposite direction of a stadium / fan park.
·When travelling allow for a minimum of 2 hours to get to the airport in Cape Town and possibly 3 hours for Johannesburg. The congestion on the roads both to and from the airports is going to be chaotic. Plan for delays.

But most of all .... be friendly to our visitors. I am sure that there will be some frustration and chaos, but try to assist foreign visitors where possible and let them feel the South African hospitality which we are so famous for. Remember that foreign visitors go back to their countries ...and depending on their experience they will either return with family and friends ...or join the group of people who talks negatively about SA wherever they go.

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