04 November 2009

Ayoba! Ayoba-Yoh!

Driving to work in the morning you can't help but to hear "Ayoba! Ayoba-Yoh!" as MTN's new campaign kicked of. Now it has gotten to the point where I am 'Ayoba-ing' with the add when it happens - does this mean that I am getting some 'Ayoba-ness' ??... What the hell is Ayoba ??!!
In my search for an answer I read up about the campaign. The campaign basically is that MTN wants to add 'Ayobaness' to every soccer fans life by giving away prizes that money can't buy. MTN is offering 10 South African football fans and their partner the opportunity to watch 25 Fifa World Cup™ games next year. The lucky winners will make history as never before has anyone attended so many games during a single World Cup event.
So now I know what the campaign is about ...but no 'Ayoba'. Some extra research and Ta-Da... success !! The word Ayoba means great, amazing, fantastic, or kiff but like 10 times cooler or rather more ‘Ayoba’. But some even use it when agreeing with something or when saying 'Hi' or 'Bye'. An interesting fact is that the phrase actually comes from a Lucky Dube song "I've got you babe" - the song ends with Dube shouting "Ayoba-Yoh".
Well I need to work on my Ayobaness a bit ... signing off ...

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Bianca said...

I think the work 'Ayoba' is absolutely annoying and dumb because of what language does it come from? I have asked many of my African friends and none of whom know where it comes from. And simply hate the new Mtn ad!