30 November 2009

Mr Gay SA 2009 winner: Charl Van Den Berg

Charl Van Den Berg, the restaurant manager who was the runner up in the Western & Northern Cape region, has been crowned as Mr Gay SA 2009.
A big "Well Done" to you Charl, and we hope that your year as Mr Gay SA will not only be a memorable one, but that you also promote the LGBTI community wherever you are.
Go and visit Charl's blog here
We also want to say well done to Jose Rodrigues (1st Runner Up) and Iggy Mnisi (2nd Runner Up).

27 November 2009

Gorgeous Abstrakt Models strip down for CLAW

Gorgeous Abstrakt Models strip down for CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare) Calendar!!
Order your gorgeous desk calendars now for corporate or personal gifts! Male and female calendars available. Only R150 a calendar and ALL proceeds go to CLAW!
For those who have not done xmas shopping yet, or those who run businesses and would like to order for staff and clients - they can personalise the calendars with your CO logos.
Contact Liz on 011 319-7279 or info@abstrakt.co.za to place orders now!
Come guys and gals - support this worthy cause

26 November 2009

Twilight ...

WTF Google ??!!

Have you ever tried putting in a first few words into Google search ...and have you noticed the freakish things that appears in the search box sometimes? Try it yourself and come up with your own variations ...it is most entertaining :)
(Thanks for this Dirk lol)

24 November 2009

So here are all your World Cup qualifying teams

Some more C & H

Metro Cops

Some good news to brighten your day.
Gauteng Metro policeman pulled Sipho's car over and told him that because he had been wearing his seat belt he had just won R5 000, in an Arrive Alive safety competition.
Sipho could hardly believe his luck.
'What are you going to do with your cash?' asked the traffic cop.
'Well I guess I'm going to get a drivers licence,' Sipho answered.
'Oh, don't listen to him,' yelled Dipuo in the passenger seat. 'He tries to be smart when he's drunk.
'This woke up Phineas in the back seat who took one look at the cop and moaned, 'I knew we wouldn't get far in a stolen car.
'At that moment there was a knock from the boot and Precious shouts, 'Are we over the border yet?'
The cop fainted.

20 November 2009

The Dualism Online Exhibition

The Dualism 2009 Online Exhibition is just around the corner. This online exhibition launches world wide on 22nd November 2009 at 9 p.m. at GMT.

This much anticipated exhibition is sure to tantalise, intrigue and excite masses around the world – be sure to mark this phenomenon on your calendar …you don’t want to miss this!!

Bookmark the website here