12 October 2009

Condolences: Stephen Gately

While I was baking scones on Saturday morning (yes very domesticated I know), I heard the news that Stephen Gately (33) passed away. At first I thought it was a joke ...but then I visited my trusty old friend called 'Auntie Google' ...and to my dismay confirmed the report. Wow what a shocker.

As with all stars that die suddenly your first reaction is to asked "What happened" and "How did he/she die" ... To show how synical we have become as people the answers pop into your head like mushrooms ... "Suicide...drug OD...murdered by a lover...." etc.

Maybe we ask these questions to as to get our own closure in a way - not that we know them personally, but to selvage the momories we have that they have helped created. I can remember secretly dancing in my underwear and using my hairbrush as a mike...with Boyzone pulsing in the background (to my father's dismay lol). When it became "uncool" in gay circles to like boy bands we all went "underground" and listened to it secretively ...as none of us were actually ready to give up our 'airpunches' and 'synchronised dancing moves' just yet. Whatever your Boyzone story is, I am sure Stephen played a big part.

Not only was he an icon on stage but also part of our fantastic LGBTI Community - and for all you have done ....we salute you. Not just for the I am sure that you will agree with me on one thing - Stephen you will be missed. And in the words of ABBA ... "So we say Thanks You for the music, the song I'm singing...Thanks for all the joy they're bringing... "

Condolences to friends, family and Andrew Cowles (Stephen's Partner).

Stephen Gately (17 March 1976 – 10 October 2009)

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