16 October 2009

MYTHS that he is Gay…

How do I know if he is Gay continues…

I re-assessed all the things that use to brand men as Gay (and with closer inspection realised most of them originated in the 80's or 90's and has not evolved with the times)...

Grooming, Products and Rituals: Long gone are the days where men got branded gay for having grooming rituals or using grooming and beauty products. Girls take my advice and encourage this Metrosexual behaviour …just remember that in 30 year’s time, depending on how he looked after himself, you are either going to stare at a mature, good looking guy …or a dried out Sebastian-The Prawn-Look-A-Like.

Style and Fashion: If your hubby have a sense of style, knows how to dress and what’s in fashion, don’t brand him gay – but rather thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to add that to your daily “To-Do-List”.

Gay Friends: If he has gay friends you can let out a sigh of relieve because that indicates how comfortable he is with his own sexuality and does not feel the need to prove himself to anyone. He is a definite keeper.

Gay Clubs: Just because he does not mind going to gay clubs, does not influence his ‘straighness’. We all know gay clubs are much more fun (and you don’t have to deal with testosterone induced bar fights …bonus).

Nice Guy’: Now ladies…this one baffles me a bit. Thinking that your hubby is gay just because he is an over all ‘nice guy’ is ludicrous. Isn’t that what you were looking for?

Shoe Compliments: No wonder guys are confused. They get told to compliment, compliment and compliment …by everyone from their buddies to the Men’s magazines they read. Complimenting your shoes does not make him gay …rather be happy that he is noticing the finer detail. Is that not why you spend half your salary on shoes? So he does not say “Sexy legs…you really make me horny …I wanna jump you right here...” – because that would be distasteful (and women will just role their eyes and think “OMG he is just interested in sex again!!”). So instead he just states: “Nice shoes”.

Car Knowledge: Not all men find the inside of a car’s engine exciting …nor stimulating conversation. Let’s just leave it at that.

Cooking: Most of the world’s best chefs are men (and most of them are straight). So let him whisk up meal let him …be sure to reward him with some dessert….

Oprah: This is a tough one…but being I have changed my views on guys that watch Oprah. Your hubby can actually learn a lot by watching the show as it will enlighten his perception of what woman want, need and aspire to. If he crosses the line and start doing the ‘Oprah-Accent’ or say “Come on Y’all”…find something to do together during that segment on TV and watch the late night repeat by yourself.

Sports: Most women complain that their hubbies are sports fanatics and that they don’t spend nearly as much time with them, than what they do watching sports. So it is kind of funny when I hear ladies say they think their hubby is gay because he does not like sport … Oy Vey!! I really have empathy for straight men sometimes.

Hopefully this will put you more at ease with your man …and maybe start focusing on what he is doing right and not on how much moisturiser he uses.

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