21 October 2009

Floriography …the language of flowers

It is sad that most people only get flowers when it’s their birthday or funeral …or when someone is saying ‘I am sorry’. We love to get flowers, even if some of us would never admit it in public. Traces of saccharine water drops lingering on a fresh summer’s morning all bottled and wrapped with a rainbow and tied with a ray of sunshine – some emotional reactions and mental pictures I get when presented with a flower (I must admit the description is a bit OTT …but hey I exaggerate for effect).

He loves me …he loves me not’ … a ritual performed by all of us at some point in our lives. But have you ever reflected on the actual message a specific flower might convey when giving it to your appreciative recipient? Maybe you sending out mixed signals and you don’t even know it. Floriography is the language of flowers and stems from the Victorian-era. Flowers was used as a means of communication to convey a coded message …allowing individuals to express their feelings which otherwise could not be spoken.

The most commonly used flower today in Floriography terms is Roses, but you will be surprised on the different meanings of different flowers. Here are some ideas for your next bouquet:
Acacia – Secret love
Amaranth – Immortal love
Apple Blossom – Preference
Bells of Ireland – Luck
Carnation (pink) - A woman’s love
Carnation (white) - Disdain
Carnation (red) – My heart aches for you
Carnation (yellow) – You have disappointed me / rejection

Carnation (striped) – Refusal
Daisy – Innocence / loyal love / purity / faith
Mint – Suspicion
Peach Blossom – Long life
Pear Blossom – Lasting friendship
Rose (Red) – True love
Rose (White) – Eternal love
Rose (Yellow) – Friendship
Rose (Orange) – Desire and passion
Rose (Lavender) – Love at first sight
Rue – Regret
Sunflower – Pure and haughty thoughts
Tulip (Yellow) – Hopeless love
Violet (Blue) – Faithfulness

Hopefully you have not just learned something innovative and remarkable …but will also put this into action by surprising people in your life with an explosion of colour and aroma. If you are afraid they won’t get the intended message – add an adorable tag with the word ‘FLORIOGRAPHY’ on it …everybody knows how to use Google

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