16 October 2009

How do I know if he is Gay ...

I am sure if you ask any gay man how many times he has been asked by his girlfriends if he thinks her boyfriend or husband (or a potential guy she is eyeing) is gay …he will not be able to give you an accurate figure …because you just stop counting after 50. I get asked that exact question at least once a month.

It is a known reality that included in all gay men’s DNA is the illustrious ‘Gaydar’ (which is the intuitive ability to assess someone’s sexual orientation as either straight or gay). Although we all have it …it takes years to fine tune and perfect. I don’t just want to give advice on the signs indicating if your hubby is gay or not, but also crush all those annoying, obtuse and monotonous myths that pollute reality.

(For the purposes of easy reading I have chosen the word ‘hubby’ that will include boyfriend, fiancĂ©, husband or any potential guy you’re planning to date…even if he does not know your name as yet).

* MYTHS that he is Gay
* SIGNS that he is Gay

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