07 October 2009

Stop the Villain

Being an active member in our LGBTI Community and passionate about getting dialogue started about HIV/AIDS prevention and risks, I was excited when I was invited by Dirk Venter and crew to join the launch of their Stop the Villain campaign.

Being around people who are passionate about something that affects not just our own community, but everybody in South Africa and the world ... is a feeling you can't describe.

So what what does the campaing entail? Well here are a brief intro (but click on the title-link of this post to go directly to their website):

What is the movement?
The movement’ is people like you and me who open up the communication surrounding HIV&Aids. People who are willing and enthusiastic to change the perception of HIV and AIDS – to make a difference.

Why is there a movement?
To de-stigmatise HIV&Aids. By re-branding HIV&Aids we open the dialogue about HIV&Aids again – putting the reality of the disease TOP OF MIND. We want people to talk about HIV&Aids – express anger, fear, asking questions and start to own the power to control their future. People of all ages need to speak up, especially the young generation – our future. We need to re-vitalize and re-energize our prevention messages through new,

fresh and innovative ideas. We are starting a movement to re-brand hiv. The virus now literally has a ‘face’, which makes it more real – through personification we are making the virus a target worth stopping. Bring down the barriers by making the disease touchable. Stop the spread.

What difference will the movement make?

The open communication channel will make us listen and accept education and protection. Join the movement – create dialogue – lets talk about why our efforts have failed – let’s discover our own answers. Let’s us unleash the unlimited potential of what can be achieved when we create the space for growth through participation.

Well done to everyone involved in this campaign - I think that it will grow from strenght to strenght. Join the movement, get involved ....it is the only way we will stop the spread.

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Dirk said...

Passion begets passion!
Thank you for spreading the message.